Thursday, 9 November 2017

Hay Park School News

Hi blogging World,

Today news is about a i movie this i movie includes me in it. So me and two of my class mates made for my class assembly today so. We did because we were reading this text about Potato crisis hits New Zealand. So the text was about us running out of Potato here in New Zealand. But things that went well was mesmerising our parts and lines and other good things like it but things that didn't go well was how we always make an mistake but it has been very challenging trying to make this i movie I hope you enjoy me and my mates i movie enjoy!

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

The first cyber smart lesson of the term

Bonjor blogging world,

Today I was doing cyber smart with my teacher that teach cyber smart Gerhard. So what me and my class were learning was how to be smart with Gerhard and we were talking about scenarios what would happen on line like chat fight's and inappropriate comments. Here is my video and to be smart and to don't give you password to anyone like your best friend.

Also here is my Task card about a inappropriate comment that was on my blog and that is what my task card about.


Friday, 29 September 2017

Last blog post for this term

Hello blogging world,

So toady it was my last day of school for term two so my teacher Miss Berry set up an magnificent task of bingo. So what we had to do was there were task that we had to do this is one right here blogging! I had to make an screencastfiy about what would like to learn about next term so I wrote engineering because I love learning about cars how they are bulid.
Here is my screecastify

Wednesday, 13 September 2017


Kia Ora blogging world,

Today I was learning about collaborating with other and how to work together if their was a lot of people. So first thing that we did was my whole class went on this document to and we all fighting for a spot. It was so crazy and there was a lot of ciaos on it so what we all did was we sat on mat then we talked about collaboration then we  did this collaboration task so we did and then we got better at working together.

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

How be safe on online

By Raymond

Hi blogging world,
Today I was learning about using images from google.  Now I know how to get free images from google . So first thing you have to look on tip of the photo then it will say tools. What you do you click use rights the it will say all kind of things then you click one of them and that is label for reuse. So that is how you get free images from google. Please give me feed back thank you.

Friday, 1 September 2017

Chicks explanation

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Today I was finishing my chicks explanation about the chicks that were in my class room before. The chicks that was in my class went last week on Friday because we only had them for only two week but it was it fun looking after them for all those times. But now I still miss them but the one that I miss a lot is this chick that we called Carlos because he reminded me of my friend in my rugby team. Over all here is my explanation how to take care of chicks.

How to care for chicks


A chick type young bird the will eventually grow into a chicken. They are known as chicks when they are newly hatched. Chicks come from fertilised eggs which here been laid by a female chicken from somewhere. In my class we have chicks that are two weeks old and we have two cockerels that are boys and three pullets that are girls and we only get to keep them for two week. This explanation will tell us how to look after little chicks and how to care them.

Main body

Firstly to look after fertilised eggs you have always make sure they warm and make sure the temperature is 37.7 degrees in the incubator.  Also water and heat create humidity and is moisture makes the eggs hatch much faster and easier. Next once three or two have hatched they can move into the brooder to live there until they are too big to live in the brooder.


Once three or two chicks are in the brooder you have to look after them very carefully . Firstly how to look after chicks you have feed them twice a day and fill the water bell up to once to top and to put wood shaving and paper towel so they can sleep and play and so they can enjoy there day. Also in a brooder to because to make them warm you have to get a light bowl that is sixty watts from Pak N save or Count down.  Also for the brooder you always have to change it every thing once a day like the food, water, wood shaving, paper towel to make sure they live clean.


For all time, It is little bit tricky to look after cute, fluffy chicks. Without any help it is hard to look after chicks by yourself and to feed and to provide water and to change everything like their house where the live and the food and water by yourself. Also sometimes chicks can be annoyed by digging there own food.But chicks are very fun and great to look after.        

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Merc camp 2017

Camp 2017

On  wednesday the 26th of july year 5-6s went on a camp to Merc named after a man called Sir peter blake. Sir peter blake was a strong, brave man that fight against pirates that came to new zealand. When we got to camp we got introduced to the team at Merc their names were Jazz, Kaff, Vlad, Darren, and also my favorite Dave. After that we got straight into activities that we had to do. My group was called group 2 because we were that best but our first activity was doing teamwork sessions so our first we pull this rope then one person has to work on the rope then get to the place that they at before.